Baking Soda For UTI Bath Remedy


The No. 1 infection that people get every year is the UTI. It is a urinary tract Infection. It is the very common infection that’s why there is the variety of remedies. The frequent treatment of UTI with antibiotics has caused many bacteria to become antibiotic-resistant. This is dangerous for your health. So here we are going to make you introduced with the best use of baking soda for the treatment of UTI.

Baking Soda For UTI Bath Remedy

How baking soda is useful for a UTI

The proponents of the baking soda method for treating a UTI claim that baking soda is very effective in neutralizing the acid in the urine, which allows the body to take care of the bacteria on its own. It is also claimed that baking soda helps in detoxifying the kidneys, which stops the UTI from spreading there and causing any damage to the body.

It is recommended to use baking soda as a treatment for a UTI by dissolving 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink it on an empty stomach.

Risks and Warnings Related to Baking Soda Drink

There is no doubt that baking soda is a natural ingredient but it can still be dangerous. Baking soda can be pretty harmful when you eat or drink it. The recommended dose of baking soda by the doctors that are also considered safe for an adult is 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in 4–8 ounces of water every two hours. But taking it more than the given quantity can be harmful to you. Taking a large amount of baking can actually cause brain damage or brain bleeding, so be careful.

Some other complications that can affect you from an overdose of baking soda include:

  • stomach bloating
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting

There are Some Rare Cases of Baking Soda Overdose that Lead to:

  • coma
  • seizures
  • death

Warning: Don’t use baking soda for UTI if you are pregnant, because baking soda will be harmful to the pregnant woman as well as for the baby.

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