Baking Soda on Mattress for Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are small, brownish, oval-shaped insects that live on the blood of human and animals. They mostly hide in the mattress of the bed and usually active at nights. They feed on our blood by piercing our skin through an elongated beak. To get rid of these we need an effective remedy. Baking soda works effectively to kill bedbugs, so first of all,  there a concept changes that only chemicals can kill insects. You can easily get rid of them by cleaning your all bedding accessories especially the mattress with this natural ingredient. So let’s try some simple home remedies to make the mattress free of these bugs.

Baking Soda on Mattress for Bed Bugs

Baking soda Paste Preparation to Clean Mattress:

Take some water in a bowl and ix soda in it until it forms a paste together. Now use a brush and paint the paste wherever you feels that bedbugs hide, such as in box springs, in mattresses, armchairs,  couches, bean bags, etc. Make sure to use this paste on crevices and cracks. If you found any hole in your furniture applies the prepared baking soda paste around the holes. Clean up the dried paste after few days, start repeating the same process again until your infestation is gone.

Simply Sprinkle Baking Soda to Get Rid of bug bites:

It is also possible to use powdered baking soda to get rid of bug bites. Just sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda around all the small spaces of the beds especially on the mattress as well as the furniture located close to your bedding. It will be better to sprinkle the baking soda powder on the carpet as well. Allow to work for a few days and repeat this process every three days. Remember that a vacuum is an important part of getting rid of bed bugs, as it instantly removes them from the house.

Piling with Baking Soda  to Get Rid of bug bites:

Bedbugs also hide all around the bed, especially in the legs and frame of it. Pile a thick layer of baking soda all around your bed’s legs; the bedbugs will have to crawl through it and will soon die with the deadly effects of baking soda over them. Use the same remedy for the mattress at your house.

Why Baking Soda Works in Removing Bed Bugs?

Some research has revealed the fact that baking soda is able to absorb all the fluids on the waxy layer of a bed bug’s shell. It causes dehydration in them. The small granules of this natural ingredient work in cutting the shells of the bed bugs and leads them to bleed.

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