Baking Soda Natural Hair Texturizer


Baking soda is very useful to texturize hair naturally. It is the only natural ingredient that makes curls softer and looser. It works in clarifying by removing impurities that can make hair shinier and sleeker. Latest studies, as well as various remedies, have proved that baking soda is safer and gentler than many commercial hair texturizing treatments, as they have many side effects as well. Such products are also a cause of hair dandruff. So why not to make a try with baking soda? Let’s try out this amazing remedy.

Baking Soda Natural Hair Texturizer

Here we have a surprising hair texturizing remedy with baking soda, described properly step by step:

Baking Soda for Hair Texturizing:

  • First of all, wash your hair with shampoo, towel dry it until the hair is about 80 percent dry. Drying the hair is very important without it this remedy will not work effectively.
  • Combine your conditioner in ½ teaspoon of baking. You can also add nourishing oil, such as coconut or avocado, coconut. This addition will make your softer. Not use the excess amount of baking soda in your conditioner, if your scalp is sensitive or have any kind of allergies.
  • Simply start applying this prepared conditioner and baking soda mixture to your hair, working from root to tip. Just apply don’t rub it.
  • Use a shower cap on your head and cover all your hair with it. It is required to prevent the mixture from dripping out of the covered cap so tuck a paper towel or a scarf into the edge of the cap.
  • Wear the shower cap on for at least 30 to 60 minutes. This is not the final time, whenever you tried this remedy for the first time, the experiment will make you able to choose the right time for you.
  • Next wash your hair thoroughly with cold water. It is always recommended to Immediately deep condition your hair so that the treatment will be successful for you. If you have not combined the nourishing oil to the conditioner and baking soda mixture before, use it to your deep conditioning treatment. Leave this treatment to work for at least 1 hour.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly and you will definitely feel an impressive change in your dull and frizzy hair after following the easy steps of this baking soda treatment.
  • Don’t use any chemical product after the treatment at least for one next day.
  • Enjoy an unbelievable shine in your hair with this amazing hair texturizing remedy and don’t forget to give your feedback as it means a lot to us.

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